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Equipment Inventory

Explore our equipment sales inventory for a wide range of reliable brewery solutions tailored to your needs. From fermenters to kegs, find the equipment you need to enhance efficiency in your brewing operations.

  • All stainless steel (304) sanitary construction 100% IG welded and sanitary polished with quality controls

  • Two rollers

  • Production capacity:100-2000Kg/h Option:Explosion-proof motor

  • Grist hopper of different size.

    • Formulate beer recipes

    • Acquire brewing materials

    • Organize brewing trials and beer development with beer samples

    • Organize process trials for different products for process optimization

    • Acquire supporting equipments and supplies

    • Providing staff technical training for brewing, Quality and packaging processes, appropriate to new equipment, or for general education.

    • Carrying out trials on new equipment or processes and optimizing the process for efficiency and quality.

    • Consult with local contract companies and Engineers for site and building

    • Auditing processes to identify potential improvements, and propose effective solutions.

    • Providing the link between the brewers and brewery process.

    • Identifying equipment and processes deficiencies and subsequently installing effective, safe, hygienic, user friendly solutions.

    • Ensuring software functional specifications for automated brewing systems to control the process correctly, and user command functionality is simple and appropriate.

    • Carrying out detailed validation of software controlled processes for fully and semi automatic brewing systems prior to commissioning

    • Acting as employers representative during commissioning and acceptance testing.

    • Organize Laboratory procedures and Lab equipments

    • Train and develop people on quality management systems

    • Developing quality policy with specific quantified quality goals

    • Defining quality responsibilities with respect to individual responsibilities

    • Developing quality critical operation systems and activities which will include:

    • Raw materials receiving

    • Brewhouse operation

    • Fermentation control

    • Maturation and stabilization control

    • Yeast management and control

    • Packaging – Bottling/Canning/Kegging operation and control

    • Warehousing operation

    • Developing specifications for Raw materials, in process products, and finished products

    • Developing sampling plans for Raw materials used, and critical points in process

    • Analytical program for Chemical/Microbiological/Packaging and Sensory

    • Recording and Reporting systems for operations and quality management

    • Periodic auditing for effective process control

    • Developing procedures to cover quality – Critical operations

    • Post audit to review effectiveness of new practices and amend as necessary

    • Utilities and support system maintenance

    • Laboratory Management and maintenance

    • Process equipment maintenance

  • ​​Developing Environment & Health and safety program systems

    • Utilities and support system maintenance

    • Laboratory Management and maintenance

    • Process equipment maintenance

    • Joint health and safety program for plant and workers safety

    • Environment friendly waste management solutions for brewery operation

    • Safety auditing and procedures

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